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Welcome to cosmic connections

Welcome to our gifted community of holistic healers. We are here to connect you with the life changes you are ready to embrace. We see each journey in an infinite way, viewing each person and experience as a unique opportunity for healing within. As you enrich your perspective of the divine, you begin to see the patterns of your life unfolding. You are the creator of your own destiny and we are here to help you to create new pathways to find understanding, peace and inner strength.

Whether you are seeking to heal relationships, your mindset, karmic and past lives or simply creating a deeper connection with your soul and special gifts, old energy must first be moved to make room for the new. Everyone connects to their energy in a unique way, so we offer you a diverse team to assist you in connecting to your own power. We are here to show you your light and guide you on the path God has created for you.


Meet our team

Our team is able to work remotely with anyone in the world. When you purchase a session with one of our guides, they will reach out to you immediately and get you scheduled at a time that works best in your time zone. Purchasing a session tells the universe that you are ready to change your life and the shifts needed to create that change within will begin to happen.

Check out our team, and for a more detailed bio, please visit our Guidebook page.

What to Expect during your session

psy med

In a psychic medium reading session, you can expect to receive healing messages from your spirit guides, higher self and loved ones that have crossed beyond the veil. During this session, you may ask questions and receive answers related to your purpose and life's journey. You may also receive valuable insights to the situations affecting your life. A psychic medium reading session will leave you with a new sense of clarity and love.

life coaching

In a Life Coaching Session , you can expect to dig deep into the various areas of your life. A life coach is a professional who guides and empowers others, by providing guidance and assistance to uncover your passions, strengths and values. Life coaches are goal orientated, focused on you achieving your life's goals, through a clear strategy, that leaves you empowered to move forward with success.

sound healing

A Holographic Sound Healing session incorporates sound along with sacred geometry to create multi dimensional energy. In a sound healing session, you can expect a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as a sound healer creates a custom healing experience just for you. The healing frequencies of sound healing are great for moving stuck energies, setting new intentions and bringing your mind and body into alignment with your highest good.

energy healing

Energy healing covers a broad range of different modalities, including Quantum Healing, Reiki Life Force energy and also Source Energy channeled from the power of your soul. During an energy healing session, plan to be relaxed and receive pure loving energy through out your entire chakra system. Energy healing is great for creating harmony and balance, releasing unwanted thoughts, feelings and body pain, while bringing a sense of harmony and well being into your life.


Hypnosis is an effective way to reprogram your subconscious belief systems which may be hindering your success in life. Hypnosis is an effective way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can be used to treat a wide variety of medical and psychological issues from addiction to depression. During a hypnosis session, expect to be relaxed and lovingly guided into another level of awareness through this life and possibly access your past lives as well.

health coaching

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or develop better nutrition, our Health Coaches can help you to identify and reach your health goals. Our wellness coaches will address your lifestyle from a holistic standpoint and act as a nutrition and exercise guide to assist you in adopting a healthier lifestyle by listening to your concerns, and working through your personal struggles. Working with a health coach may include creating personalized diet and exercise plans to help you to become healthier and more active.

Cosmic Academy

Cosmic Academy has been created as an outlet to pass along our wisdom. Everything at our academy contains safe and clean content for all ages.  This is a great time to learn how to use and heal your energy in a positive way. Our experienced team offers a wide range of classes to choose from.  We are here to pass along our knowledge, tools and best practices to you.  Get started by registering for FREE student account today! 

Light the Way

We are here to light the way to a brighter world for us all to enjoy together. Believing that we are each unique reflections of God, we are creating a movement of Light to heal our world and unite all religions, cultures and ALL of humanity together in choosing LOVE as our highest power. Our Light the Way Retreats give you an opportunity to raise your frequency,  make some new friends and learn something new. 

Our Theme Song 'Angels Light the way'

by donn aaron

Psychic Medium Reading Session


Some of your loved ones that have crossed over into the afterlife are available to chat and reconnect.  A session with one of our gifted psychic mediums allows you to hear from them and find peace in knowing that they are safe and sound and watching over you still.  Love never ends, it simply flows from this life to the next.


Intuitive Pet services



Your pets have a soul too, and our gifted Animal Communicator, Ronna Jo, can connect to their energy to provide helpful insights and understanding of the special animals in your life.  She can also connect to pets that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge so you can know that they are safe and sound.


 Our Past Life Guides are gifted in hypnosis and past life regression therapy. Sometimes physical and mental trauma can echo from one lifetime to the next, creating physical or emotional disturbances. We may identify these to heal past life injuries, including karmic ties, oaths, and vows. Plus, It is always fun and interesting to uncover where your soul has been before entering into this life.

Repairing and connecting your USOUL accesses the codes for your DNA. This connection unleashes your personal Manifestation abilities. Our Guides can power up your intentions by tuning your vibrational frequencies to match whatever you are seeking, whether it be a new job, a new home or a new love partner.